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Low Velocity Impact Car Collisions

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Low Velocity Impact Car Collisions

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) may deny your personal injury claim if they believe your car collision was a low velocity impact.

ICBC estimators will examine your vehicle and depending on the type of damage and the
circumstances of the collision may refer your personal injury claim to a committee which will
decide whether or not to accept your ICBC personal injury claim.

If the committee deems your collision to be a low velocity impact collision ICBC will reject your personal injury claim and you may not receive benefits which normally would be provided to you. (See Part VII Benefits)

If you have been injured in a collision which ICBC has determined to be a Low Velocity Impact you should contact our Vancouver Personal Injury Law firm because we may be able to help you recover for ICBC personal injury claim.

There are several factors which impact the evaluation of your ICBC injury claim and which may allow us to help you recover for your personal injury.

If your physician or treating health professional observes objective signs of injury there is a good chance we can help you with your personal injury claim despite ICBC’s Low Velocity Impact Program.

If you have a prior medical condition which has made you more susceptible to injury this may also help to overcome the rejection of your claim by ICBC.

The particular circumstances of the collision including the direction of the force or your seating posture can also have an impact.

If ICBC has rejected your claim on the basis it is a Low Velocity Impact Collision we recommend you contact our Vancouver Law firm.


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