Can I Claim for a Snowmobile Accident?

Yes, you can claim for a snowmobile accident if you were injured through no fault of your own. This might happen if the driver of the snowmobile acts irresponsibly. Or it might happen if a property owner fails to reduce the risk of hazards on their property.

Snowmobile accidents

British Columbia is a prime destination for snowmobiling. Unfortunately, the activity comes with risks. Due to the weight of the snowmobile, and the speeds involved, injuries can be serious. We have seen cases in which people have been forcefully ejected from a snowmobile or have collided with a stationary object, such as a tree. This can lead to fractures, internal injuries and spinal damage. Sadly, snowmobile accidents can be fatal.

Can I claim compensation for a snowmobile accident?

If you suffer harm in a snowmobile accident, it could have a significant bearing on your life. You will likely endure a period of pain and suffering, and a long recovery process. You may even need several rounds of surgery. In serious injury cases, your life may never be the same again. If this has happened to you or your loved one, you might be wondering whether you are able to make a compensation claim.

The answer really depends on the circumstances of the case. Most snowmobile claims are made by passengers who were injured because the snowmobile operator did not drive with due care and attention. For example, it could be that the driver went too fast, did not maintain sufficient control of the vehicle, failed to avoid known hazards or collided with a stationary object.

As a passenger, you put your trust into the hands of the snowmobile driver. If the driver does not act responsibly, causing you harm, then you could have grounds for a claim. We recently obtained $790,000 compensation for a woman who was injured while travelling as a passenger on a snowmobile. The snowmobile collided with a tree, for which the driver was found to be at fault.

However, there may be occasions when the driver of a snowmobile can claim compensation too. This might apply if a sanctioned snowmobile trail crosses private property. If so, the owner must take steps to minimise any risks. If the owner fails to do so, resulting in a snowmobile accident, there could be grounds for a claim. A claim could also be made against the manufacturer if injuries are caused by a defective snowmobile.

Get expert legal advice

If you have been injured in a snowmobile accident, the easiest thing to do is contact us for advice. We can tell you whether you are eligible to make a personal injury compensation claim.

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