Cycling Accidents Vancouver

As we discussed earlier this year, cyclists are responsible for having proper gear and a helmet to ensure they are visible and safe when driving on the roads. We are seeing more people involved in cycling accidents coming through our doors and wanted to provide some additional safety tips for cyclists.

According to section 183 of the Motor Vehicle Act, cyclists must obey all the rules of the road, just as a driver of a vehicle must. This means cyclists must avoid making any maneuvers that a car would not make. For instance, a cyclist should not weave through stopped traffic or move on and off a sidewalk. In addition, a cyclist must travel on the right hand side of the road except when making a left turn.

Section 183 also forbids cyclists from riding their bikes on sidewalks or through crosswalks. If a cyclist fails to do so, she may held partially or totally at fault for the accident. For example, in Deol v Veach the cyclist riding on the sidewalk was struck by a car exiting a Safeway parking lot. The cyclist was held to be 25% at fault, meaning he will only be compensated for 75% of his losses.

If you need to cross a busy intersection, it is safest to dismount and walk your bicycle across. We have had two cases recently where a person riding through a pedestrian crosswalk was hit by a vehicle. Although ICBC has argued this makes the accident the cyclist’s fault, we will show that the driver should have been paying closer attention and keeping a lookout for pedestrians and cyclists.

In addition to helping you receive full compensation for your cycling accident, our team of experienced cycling accident lawyers in Vancouver and Surrey can assist you in obtaining Part 7 benefits. These provide you with some immediate wage loss and medical benefits to help you while you recover. If you have been involved in a cycling accident, call us today at 604.684.0040 for your free consultation.

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