Distracted Driving: Fines Doubling Today

In an effort to send the message home that distracted driving is dangerous, the B.C. government is more than doubling the fines for those caught driving while using a mobile device, from $167 to $368 plus $175 for four points on your license. Still not getting the message after the first ticket? Get caught 10 times in 12 months and you’ll be on the hook for the $368 ticket and $14,520 in license penalty points, as well as an automatic license review which could result in a 12 month suspension.

While this may seem harsh, using a mobile device behind the wheel of a car will soon be the number one cause of fatal car accidents for teens in BC. The current breakdown for fatal car accident causes in cause is 39% speeding, 27% drunk driving and currently 22% distracted driving. In some states, driving while distracted has already surpassed driving while impaired. This is in spite of what BC driving instructors call “the most stringent testing regulations” and “hardest driving test in all of North America”.

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