Does ICBC Cover Bicycle Accidents?

If you are knocked off your bike by a vehicle, it is very likely that you’ll be entitled to ICBC Part 7 benefits. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you can also make a personal injury claim for your pain and suffering.

Does ICBC handle bicycle accidents?

Yes, ICBC does cover bicycle accidents – but only if the accident involved a vehicle. So, let’s imagine that you collide with a car while riding your bike. In this scenario, ICBC will handle the accident claim because it involves a motor vehicle registered in British Columbia.

It does not matter who is at fault for the accident; you could still be entitled to Part 7 ‘no-fault’ benefits. This provides a set amount of money for your medical expenses and wage losses. You will be covered by Part 7 benefits so long as one of the following applies:

  • You are a resident in B.C. and you have a driver’s licence or a car registered in the province; or
  • You live with someone who has a car registered in the province; or
  • You are involved in an accident with a vehicle registered in the province

If you were not at fault for the accident, then you may have the opportunity to claim additional damages. This will cover your pain, suffering and out-of-pocket expenses. This is known as a ‘tort’ or personal injury claim. Our Vancouver personal injury lawyers can help you with this.

What if the accident doesn’t involve a vehicle?

Things become a little bit more complicated if the accident did not involve a vehicle. Perhaps you collided with another cyclist or pedestrian. Or maybe you were injured due to a defect in the road. In these scenarios, ICBC will not handle the accident claim – the accident did not involve a vehicle covered by ICBC insurance, so it is outside of ICBC’s remit.

If you have been injured, or your personal belongings (such as your bike) have been damaged, then you may be able to make a claim for your damaged property or injury or both. However, this option is only available if the accident was not your fault, and the other party is covered by some kind of insurance. This might include home insurance or public liability insurance.

Vancouver personal injury lawyers

It can be hard to know what your options are following a bike accident. It all depends on who else was involved in the accident, who was at fault and what insurance coverage is in place. We can establish your legal position, clarifying whether you can make a claim. If so, we can handle everything for you, getting you compensation for your damages. It doesn’t matter whether you’re making an ICBC claim, or claiming against another kind of insurance policy. Whatever the circumstances, we can help.

If you’ve been harmed in a bike accident and you think someone else is to blame, contact our Vancouver personal injury lawyers. Either fill in the free online enquiry form or call us on 604 684 0040.

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