Drone Accidents

With each new year that passes, there are new technologies. Unfortunately, sometimes those new technologies also result in new ways of injuring people. This year, we have heard about an increasing number of drone accidents, most recently this one in Ontario. Luckily, although there was some vehicle damage, nobody was injured in this incident.

The police chose not to charge anyone, but if a person was injured, they may still be able to sue the operator who caused the drone accident to compensate them for their losses, including wage loss, medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Most likely, courts would analyze this situation similarly to how motor vehicle accidents are considered. The conduct of the drone operator would be examined to see if they were negligent in their operation or maintenance of the drone. For example, if the operator allows the drone to travel out of their sight or near moving vehicles, or if it not properly charged, an accident may occur. In these cases, the operator may be found at fault for any injuries that result from that accident.

There may also be a case against the manufacturer or distributor of the drone if the accident was caused by a defect in the drone itself. These parties will usually have better insurance than an individual owner, so this is an important issue that must be investigated, especially if there are major injuries.

If you have been injured in a drone accident, it is important to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer. John Mickelson Law Corporation can help you acquire financial assistance and medical treatment. Our personal injury lawyers in Vancouver and Surrey have the experience needed to maximize your personal injury settlement. Call us at (604) 684-0040.



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