How Much Compensation for a Cruise Ship Accident?

Compensation for a cruise ship accident is awarded for your physical injuries, your emotional injuries and your financial damages. You can also recover compensation for the cost of the vacation, if you were unable to enjoy the remainder of your cruise after your accident. 

How much is a cruise ship accident worth?

People who have been injured on board a cruise ship almost always want to know: how much compensation will I get for a cruise ship accident claim?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to put a number on it. Doing so would be a mistake, as there is no way we can say how much compensation you’ll get without investigating your case first. This is because your compensation settlement is directly linked to the injuries you sustained. 

However, what we can tell you is that compensation is awarded for different things. This includes:

Your physical injuries

The greater your physical injuries are, the more compensation you will receive. The ‘extent’ of your injuries is based on factors such as:

  • Whether or not you had to have surgery
  • The amount of time your injuries impacted your life
  • The way in which your injuries are likely to impact your life in the future
  • The way in which your injuries have affected your enjoyment of life
  • Whether or not your accident aggravated a pre-existing condition

Your emotional injuries

In the context of a personal injury claim, an injury can also be emotional or psychological. Those who are injured on cruise ships might experience:

  • Trauma relating to the experience
  • Anxiety about what the future holds
  • Depression stemming from the way in which their life has been affected

Your financial damages

One of the main purposes of a personal injury claim is to put you back in the financial position you would have been in, had the cruise ship accident not occurred. You can recover various financial losses relating to your cruise ship accident, such as:

  • The cost of medical treatment and rehabilitation
  • The cost of future medical treatment and rehabilitation
  • Your lost earnings to date
  • The loss of potential income, if your injuries have affected your ability to earn
  • Travel expenses
  • The cost of equipment or adaptations you need because of your injuries
  • The cost of hiring help around the house, childcare or other services

Other damages

There are also other damages you can claim for. A common claim following a cruise ship accident is that of ‘loss of the pleasure of the complete cruise’. Cruises aren’t cheap, and if you were unable to enjoy your vacation because of the cruise ship’s negligence, you should be able to recover the costs. 

Investigating your claim

All these losses need to be properly investigated before a settlement offer is accepted. That is why we cannot tell you right now how much compensation you’ll get – it all depends on the circumstances. 

We can, however, promise that we’ll get you the maximum amount of compensation available. You only have one chance to make a claim, so we’ll take the time to assess each and every loss you have suffered. 

To speak to our Vancouver personal injury lawyers about a cruise ship injury claim, either fill in the free online enquiry form or call us on 604 684 0040.


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