Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Everyone seems to be taking advantage of another week of great weather, and choosing to walk when they can instead of driving. Unfortunately, drivers are not always on the lookout for pedestrians, and the consequences of a vehicle-pedestrian accident are often devastating. Pedestrians can sustain fractures and serious soft tissue injuries, as well has significant head injuries. Pedestrians must be responsible for their own safety, and follow the rules of the road to protect themselves as much as possible. For example, if there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic so you can see oncoming vehicles. When crossing the road, do so at a crosswalk or intersection and be aware of nearby vehicles and what actions they may be taking.

Like distracted drivers, pedestrians who are listening to music or texting place themselves at increased risk of injuries. A recent study of pedestrian fatalities determined that almost half occurred at intersections, and in many of those the pedestrian had the right-of-way. Vehicles making left turns are often paying more attention to oncoming traffic, and not looking for pedestrians in the crosswalk. Thus, even if you have a walk signal, keep your head up and make eye contact with drivers before crossing the road.

Pedestrians who have been hit by a motor vehicle are often eligible for accident benefits from ICBC and can also make a personal injury claim against the driver and their insurance policy. If you or anyone you know have been injured in a pedestrian accident with a vehicle, it is important to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer to determine your legal rights. The ICBC lawyers and legal experts at John Mickelson Law Corporation have the experience needed to maximize your personal injury settlement. Call us at (604) 684-0040 for a free consultation in our Vancouver or Surrey offices.

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