Snowmobile Accident Settled for $790,000

David Stuart represented a young woman who was 29 years old at the time of the accident. She was a passenger on a snowmobile, riding in front of the driver, in the back country outside of Whistler when the snowmobile collided with a tree. She sustained internal injuries, multiple facial fractures, fractures to ribs, spine and right arm. She underwent several surgeries as a result. She suffered from post-concussion syndrome that affected her memory, concentration and cognitive functioning, and PTSD that caused depression, extreme anxiety and panic attacks.

Liability was hotly contested by the insurance company as the driver of the snowmobile stated that a deep rut in the snow caused the snowmobile to veer off course, an inevitable accident for which he would bear no responsibility. Our office investigated and located two witnesses whose statements disputed the driver’s version of events, and we convinced the insurance company that their client was at fault.

A trial was avoided when a settlement was reached with the Insurance company for $790,000.

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