Skateboard Accident Vancouver & Surrey

In addition to bicycles and motorcycles, many people take to skateboards and longboards for travel in the summer. Some people also use motorized skateboards. However, you should be aware that motorized skateboards are considered “vehicles” under British Columbia’s Motor Vehicle Act. Sincethey do not meet the safety requirements for vehicles, they may not be used on roads or sidewalks. Even if you do not have the motor turned on, you may be at risk of being fined and, if you are injured, not receiving full compensation.

There are no provincial rules regarding non-motorized skateboards and longboards, but many cities have enacted bylaws regulating their use. For instance, in Vancouver, they may only be used on “minor streets”, which are defined as a street which does not have lane lines or directional dividing lines. The bylaw also requires skateboarders to wear “a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and front and rear reflective equipment”. This means that, in Vancouver, you are not allowed to use your skateboard on any sidewalks or major streets.

These rules mean that if you suffer a skateboard injury while on a sidewalk or busy street, ICBC will try to pin the blame on you, even if someone else was not paying attention and should have seen you. For instance, in this case from 2010 an eleven year old boy sat on a skateboard going downhill and went through an intersection, colliding with a car as he did so. The judge held that the driver bore no fault as he had no time to react to this sudden intrusion.

By contrast, in Surrey, skateboarders are considered to be pedestrians and are meant to use the sidewalk. There are no specific rules on safety equipment. To find out what the rules are for your city, search for “[city name] skateboard bylaw”.

If you are injured while on your skateboard, our team of experienced lawyers in Vancouver and Surrey will investigate the bylaws and the actions of the other party. We can ensure you are fully compensated for your skateboard injury. If you have been involved in a skateboarding accident, call us today at 604.684.0040 for your free consultation.

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