Summer Motorcycle Safety

As we continue into summer, the sunny weather and long days entices many people to start (or resume) riding their motorcycles. Whether you are driving or riding, it is important to be aware of other vehicles on the road and pay careful attention to road conditions to avoid a motorcycle accident.

For riders, the most important thing is to wear a certified safety helmet. If you are involved in a crash, wearing a helmet significantly reduces your risk of serious brain injury or even death. The rest of your clothing is also important – protective riding gear, including good padding, reflective outerwear and good footwear will make you safer and more noticeable to drivers on the road.

While on the road, motorcyclists need to drive defensively and watch closely for road hazards. A small pothole or loose gravel can be a serious danger for a motorcycle. Cars and trucks will likely be your biggest hazard. Distracted drivers are a concern for all road users, but especially for motorcycles since you are smaller and less visible. Be aware of when you are in a blind spot, and never assume a driver has seen you. Summer is also the season for roadwork, which causes congestion and frustration. Be cautious of drivers making sudden, risky maneuvers to try get around the construction area.

Injuries from motorcycle accidents can be particularly devastating. Motorcyclists are more prone to serious injuries, including brain injury, multiple fractures and paralysis. These injures can take months, if not years to recover from and can cause severe physical, emotional and financial distress.

If you are a motorcyclist who has been injured in an accident, it is important to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer to determine your legal rights. John Mickelson Law Corporation can set you up with financial assistance and assist you with your medical treatment. Our ICBC lawyers have the experience needed to maximize your personal injury settlement. Call us at (604) 684-0040 for a free consultation in our Vancouver or Surrey offices.

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