Time Limits in Disability Claims

If you are unable to work because of poor health, you may be able to claim disability benefits. The amount of time you have to make a claim depends on the terms and conditions of your policy.

Disability benefits

If you cannot work because of poor physical or mental health, you could be entitled to certain benefits. Some of these may be provided by the government, such as Employment Insurance (EI). Others may be provided by a private health insurance plan. You might have taken out this policy yourself, or it might be part of your employment package.

Disability benefits provided by an insurer fall into two categories – short-term disability benefits and long-term disability benefits.

Short-term disability benefits usually provide between 60% to 100% of your normal monthly income. Payments can last for between 17 and 52 weeks. Long-term disability benefits usually provide between 50% to 70% of your normal monthly income. Payments can last until you are 65 or you are no longer considered disabled.

How long do I have to claim disability benefits?

If you want to claim EI, you have four weeks to file your claim, starting from your last day of work.

If you want to claim short-term or long-term disability benefits, the time limit is set out in the terms and conditions of your policy. Every insurer has different rules. You therefore need to check the wording of the policy to see how long you have got.

Insurers are very strict about meeting deadlines. If you do not submit your claim in time, you may have missed your chance to get benefits, even if you would otherwise qualify for financial assistance. That is why early action is vital.

Get expert legal advice

If you are unable to work because of an accident which was not your fault, please contact us at John Mickelson Law Corporation.

Along with disability benefits, you could also be entitled to claim personal injury compensation. This allows you to recover all your financial losses. This is important, because your disability benefits may not cover all your lost earnings, resulting in financial hardship.

We can advise whether you are able to make a personal injury compensation claim. We can also prepare your disability benefits claim, ensuring it is filed before the deadline. Thanks to our expertise, we can get the medical evidence needed to prove your claim beyond doubt.

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When you are injured through no fault of your own, you are eligible to receive different kinds of financial help. We make sure you receive the maximum amount of compensation, and that you have access to all the benefits you are entitled to.

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