Transit, Cycling, and Walking: As Popular as Driving

As of 2014, transit, cycling, and walking have grown to constitute 50% of all trips. Cycling trips accounted for the entire increase, while transit and walking trips remained fairly steady, and motor vehicle trips decreased. With more people opting for greener forms of transportation, it is important to be aware of the scenarios most likely to cause accidents.

The Vancouver Sun has reported that in over 90% of all accidents involving bicycles, the cyclists had the right of way. They reported that doorings – that is, where a cyclist runs into a door that is suddenly opened – account for 15% of accidents between bikes and vehicles. Drivers should always shoulder check before opening a door to prevent such accidents.

Nearly all cyclist fatalities occur in collisions with vehicles. Vancouver has taken positive steps towards reducing cyclist fatalities by expanding its bike lanes; with a designated cycling area, the risk of colliding with a car is reduced. The mayors of Greater Vancouver are now looking to expand the public transit system as well, to increase transit trips and further reduce the city’s reliance on cars.

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