Civil Resolution Tribunal

If your ICBC claim has been referred to the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT), you are still entitled to a personal injury lawyer. For help with your ICBC claim, please contact us at John Mickelson Law Corporation.

ICBC claims under $50,000

ICBC claims thought to be worth less than $50,000 are referred to an organisation called the Civil Resolution Tribunal. The CRT will encourage both parties to negotiate, in the hope that a settlement can be reached.

If a resolution is not agreed, a hearing will be held in front of a tribunal. The CRT will then make a legally binding decision regarding the case. The CRT can rule who was at fault for the accident, and how much compensation should be awarded.

If you believe that your ICBC claim is worth more than $50,000, but ICBC says otherwise, you can contest the matter. However, the burden of proof is on you. This means you must establish that your damages are likely to be more than $50,000.

ICBC claims with a value of more than $50,000 are heard by the Supreme Court, rather than the CRT.

ICBC claim disputes

Disputes regarding an ICBC claim are also referred to the Civil Resolution Tribunal. For example, you may dispute that –

  • Your injury is minor. Under new rules, the amount of compensation awarded for pain and suffering for minor injuries is capped at $5,500
  • You are not entitled to receive accident benefits claimed
  • You are at-fault for the accident
  • Your compensation settlement is below what you deem to be reasonable. The CRT can only examine such decisions if the value is below $50,000

The CRT will consider evidence presented by both sides before making a decision.

Can I still have a lawyer?

If your ICBC claim is referred to the CRT, you are still entitled to legal representation. A personal injury lawyer can handle the process for you. This includes negotiating with ICBC, gathering evidence to prove your claim, and presenting your case in front of the tribunal.

Although you are allowed to represent yourself, having an experienced personal injury lawyer removes the burden from your shoulders. This will be a relief, particularly at a time when you are trying to recover from a motor vehicle accident.

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