Distracted driving

We have heard about the dangers of impaired driving for decades, but a new danger has emerged: distracted driving. In the last several years, more car crash fatalities have been caused by distracted driving than by impaired driving. Overall, one quarter of all crashes are caused by distracted driving.

In 2010, British Columbia implemented new fines for driving while using a cellphone. Driving caught talking or texting on their phones face a fine of $167, and have three penalty points added to their driving record; accumulating enough penalty points can lead to additional fines. It is important to know that even holding a cellphone is sufficient to incur this fine. Drivers are, however, allowed to use a hands-free device, except for those who are still in the Graduated Licensing Program and have an “L” or “N” license.

While cellphones represent a relatively new distraction that has mostly evolved over the last decade, other forms of distracted driving are equally dangerous. Eating, putting on make-up, or reading a map all divert a driver’s attention away from the road and increase the risk of an accident.

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