Catastrophic Injury

  1. Definition

    A catastrophic injury can include a severe spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, skull fracture, or loss of limb. These result in dramatic changes to a person’s life. The injured person may become dependent on caregivers. Depression rates immediately following a catastrophic injury are very high, as are rates of suicide.

  2. Treatment

    Depending on the type of injury, much of the long-term treatment is likely to focus on rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and various other therapies that help an injury person have a high quality of life.

    Counselling is likely to be recommended for a patient who has suffered a catastrophic injury.

  3. What we can do to help

    If you have suffered a catastrophic injury, you need to focus on your recovery. We will handle your legal case so that you can spend your time on therapies that will help you regain independence and control over your life.

    We will also connect you with medical practitioners who can help you with your recovery.

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