Distracted Pedestrian Accident

A study released this week shows that individuals who walk while texting have a very different gait from those who are not distracted. For instance, they take smaller steps and overcorrect when going up stairs. Other studies have shown that these distractions increase the risk of colliding with other pedestrians or obstacles. In addition, this change in gait may make it more difficult for drivers to predict how a pedestrian will move, increase the risk of collision.

Although talking on the phone can also be a distraction, texting or using other apps occupies both cognitive and visual aspects of the brain. There are apps to reduce some of the dangers while texting, such as one that uses the phone’s camera to display the street as a background to texting. However, the safest option is to put the phone down and enjoy the scenery instead. This will give you the best chance of avoiding any potential collisions.

Pedestrian accident waiting to happen

The dangers of walking and texting.

If there is a vehicle-pedestrian accident, ICBC will argue that had the pedestrian could have avoided the vehicle if they were paying attention. So, even if you are a pedestrian with the right of way (such as at a crosswalk), it is important to be aware of vehicles on the road. In particular, drivers turning left or exiting a parking lot are often focused on finding a gap in traffic and do not notice a pedestrian crossing their path.

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