ICBC Fraud Cases

ICBC recently published their “Hall of Shame“, describing their top six fraud files of last year. As these cases show, ICBC often receives tips or hires investigators on many claims. These cases show that attempts at ICBC fraud often backfire. Not only does the perpetrator risk criminal convictions and fines, but any valid claim they may have had will also be impossible to pursue.

In some of these cases, there may very well have been a good claim, but when the individual communicated directly with ICBC, they ruined their own chances of success. For example, their first case describes a man complaining he couldn’t even help wash dishes, but was caught lifting heavy floor tiles at work. If this man was working with an experienced personal injury lawyer, he could have explained his exact limitations in more detail, and his story could have been presented to ICBC in a more plausible fashion.

The personal injury lawyers at John Mickelson Law Corporation know that ICBC investigates many cases in great detail, and we always remind our clients to be honest with us and their doctors to protect the value of their claim. We ensure that no offhand statements you make can come back to haunt you, and that any claim presented to ICBC is backed up with medical and other independent evidence. This insures that you are fully compensated for the injuries you have suffered, and that you do not risk your claim being denied or other sanctions for lying to ICBC.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact us first to ensure you are fully protected from any accusations of ICBC fraud. The experienced ICBC lawyers at John Mickelson Law Corporation can help you receive full and fair compensation for your injuries. Contact us today at (604) 684-0040 for your free consultation at our Vancouver or Surrey office.

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