Teen Drivers

We have already written on the dangers of distracted driving as a result of an increasing amount of electronic devices in vehicles. However, there is one segment of the population that is at greater risk from these distractions: teen drivers. Distractions in the vehicle range from electronic devices, such as receiving a text message, to the peer pressure of a friend urging more speed. More than any other age group, teens are willing to put their safety (and that of those around them) at risk to engage their electronic devices. Anything that distracts from the road for longer than two seconds is extremely dangerous.

For new drivers, the risk of dying in a car crash is greater than dying of cancer, suicide or any other type of accident. Researchers suggest that one in four teenagers will be involved in a car crash of some type, within their first six months of driving. And it is not only new technologies that are contributing to these crashes; an estimated one third of teen drivers killed in crashes were found to have been drinking. This is compounded by the increased risk of a crash when a teen is driving at night.

In BC, ICBC has taken certain measures with the “graduated licensing” program to combat these risks during the early years of driving. There are restrictions on the number of non-family passengers and time of day driving, as well as a zero tolerance for alcohol consumption before getting behind the wheel. However, research suggests this may not be enough, and parents should take a very active role in their teen’s driving experience.

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